Welcome to Heart Corps Health Services


Heart Corps Health Services is a Virginia-based health care company focused on nursing services, including onsite services and training. Our staff includes Red Cross certified instructors and the majority of our team is licensed registered nurses operating in the Northern Virginia area holding compact state licenses.

We serve DMV area and can travel to your location to conduct a class as well as have you come to our office. We invite you to review our schedule and take a class! Our CRP, AED and FIRST AID classes are fun, interactive, and informative and may help you save a life. They include not only basic CPR, AED and first aid but also help choking victims of all ages and learn how to recognize emergencies such as stroke or heart attack and what action to take. It is an indispensable knowledge that can save life and prevent disability for you and your loved ones.


The mission of Heart Corps Services is to train as many people as possible, as we believe that CPR/AED/First AID skills are a necessary knowledge for everyone. In most emergencies timeliness of actions determines the success therefore recognizing emergency and activating emergency steps can save life and prevent or reduce disability. Being CPR trained gives that knowledge and confidence to act during emergency situation and can truly make a difference.

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